About us

There are organisations in Australia specifically to assist children of prisoners. They know that the person in prison isn't the only one going through a tough time - that their families are doing time along with them.

SHINE for Kids is the only organisation in Australia specifically set up to assist children of prisoners, and we've built this site. We run lots of different programs and services both in prisons and in the community, in cities and country towns. We started in 1982 and operate across New South Wales, ACT and Victoria. See www.shineforkids.org.au

... and we know you're not a "kid"

You'll see the words "children" and kids" used a lot - it's even in our name. That's because the age range supported by organisations like us is from babies to late teens – anyone that's legally a minor.

We do know that the needs of a young child with a parent in prison are very different to yours, and you certainly won't be treated like a child.

Researcher: Catherine Flynn

PhD (Monash) BSW (Honours)(Monash), Grad Cert Psychotherapeutic Studies (Queens University, Belfast), Practice Teaching Award (General Social Care Council, Northern Ireland)

These stories were told to Dr Catherine Flynn during research at Monash University.

After completing her honours thesis in 1990, Dr Flynn worked in direct practice for ten years, sharing her time between Australia and Northern Ireland. In recent years, Dr Flynn has been actively engaged in a range of research projects: examining women's access to welfare services after prison in Victoria, evaluating a community support program for high risk infants, as well as investigating the factors which support students from diverse background to succeed in higher education. She completed her doctoral studies examining the impact of maternal incarceration on adolescent children, the 'stories' from young people form the basis for this website. This research has also formed the basis for a large study across Victoria and NSW examining care planning for children when their primary carer is sent to prison.

Dr Flynn currently lectures in the undergraduate program, teaches in the Social Work department at Monash University and coordinates the Honours program.