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My Life Now for young people with parents in prison

Belonging to Family - a program for Koori Mums and Dads inside

The 'Belonging to Family' program is for Aboriginal parents with 6 to 12 months to serve in the Mid North Coast Correctional Centre at Aldavilla near Kempsey.

This 10-week program uses group work to maintain and strengthen the connections between Aboriginal inmates and their partners, their children, their children's carer, their extended family and/or their community elders.

Reducing recidivism through stronger bonds

The program aims to reduce recidivism by providing the inmates with a closer bond with their children; healthier family relationships; and support during and after release. They are invited to consider their importance to, and responsibility for, their children's wellbeing and their future, as well as that of their partner – and increasing their self-knowledge in the process.

Referral forms are available to the inmates from the case officers in the Mid North Coast Correctional Centre.

About the 'Belonging to Family' artwork

The posters and brochure for the program are illustrated with a drawing by an MNCCC inmate. The drawing uses traditional Indigenous iconography to show connections between inmates – literally on the one hand – and their families and communities on the other. The two hands form a heart-shaped outline between them.

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